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As a leading chemical supplier in Ahmedabad, we offer high-quality magnesium chloride(MgCl2), a mineral supplement that provides various health benefits. It is also used in industrial applications, including the production of textiles, paper, construction materials, de-icing agents, and dust suppressants. Magnesium chloride is versatile, and effective, making it a popular choice for various industries.

Applications & Uses:

  • Deicing Agent:  Magnesium Chloride is extensively used as a deicing agent on roads and highways. It effectively melts ice and snow, providing safer driving conditions during winter.
  • Dust Control: In arid regions, it's used for dust control on unpaved roads and construction sites to reduce airborne dust particles.
  • Construction:  In the construction industry, Magnesium Chloride is employed as a stabilizing agent for soil and as a binder in the production of cement.
  • Agriculture:  It's utilized in agriculture to enhance soil quality and provide essential nutrients to crops. It can also improve the water-holding capacity of soil.
  • Food Industry: As a food additive, Magnesium Chloride serves as a coagulant in tofu production and a firming agent in some canned vegetables.
  • Medicine:It is used in pharmaceuticals and as a magnesium supplement in healthcare products.

Storage Guidelines

Proper storage of Magnesium Chloride is crucial for its effectiveness and safety:

  1. Store in a dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.
  2. Keep containers tightly closed to prevent moisture absorption.
  3. Ensure labelling is clear and accurate to avoid any mix-up.
  4. Protect from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  5. Handle with care, wearing appropriate protective gear.

Storage Guidelines

The production capacity of Magnesium Chloride varies depending on the manufacturing facility. It's produced through the extraction of magnesium-rich brine or from saltwater sources. Several countries have notable production capacities, ensuring a consistent supply for various industries. That's a significant production capacity of up to 100 tons for Magnesium Chloride! This ample supply ensures a consistent source of this versatile compound for various industries. If you're looking for a reliable and sustainable source of Magnesium Chloride, As a magnesium chloride manufacturer our production facility is equipped to meet your needs.

Environmental Impact

Magnesium Chloride is considered relatively environmentally friendly, particularly as a deicing agent, as it has fewer environmental impacts compared to traditional salt (sodium chloride). It has lower toxicity levels and less impact on plant life, aquatic ecosystems, and infrastructure.

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