Nitric Acid

Nitric acid is a highly reactive and corrosive chemical compound that is widely used in the manufacturing of fertilizers, explosives, dyes, plastics, and pharmaceuticals.

At SKC, we offer high-quality nitric acid for industrial use, ensuring that your applications receive the necessary chemical components for optimal performance. It is also used for manufacturing nitrogen-based compounds like nylon, nitroglycerin, amongst others.

Versatile Applications

Nitric Acid finds diverse applications across industries, including:

  1. Chemical Manufacturing: It is a key ingredient in the production of various chemicals, including fertilizers and explosives.
  2. Metal Processing: Nitric Acid is used for etching and passivating stainless steel, enhancing corrosion resistance.
  3. Pharmaceuticals: It plays a crucial role in the synthesis of specific pharmaceutical compounds.
  4. Semiconductor Manufacturing: Nitric Acid is utilized in rocket propulsion systems, contributing to space exploration.

Guidelines for Safe Storage

For safe storage of Sulphuric Acid:

  • Storage Location: Choose a cool and well-ventilated area, keeping it away from incompatible substances.
  • Container Selection: Use acid-resistant containers, such as those made of glass, ceramic, or specified plastics.
  • Proper Labeling: Clearly label containers to prevent accidents and misidentification.
  • Ventilation: Ensure adequate ventilation in storage areas to dissipate fumes.
  • Safe Handling: Always wear appropriate protective gear and adhere to safety protocols when handling Nitric Acid.

Production Capacity:

The production capacity for Nitric Acid varies among manufacturing facilities. It is primarily produced through the Ostwald process, which involves the oxidation of ammonia (NH3) to create Nitric Acid. Facilities range from small-scale operations to large industrial plants, ensuring a consistent supply for various industries.With a product capacity of up to 100 tons for Nitric Acid, Skc offers a substantial supply to meet the needs of various industries.

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